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Table of Contents

Volume 47 Number 1 - 2006

Who is Driving the Pickup Truck? A Call for Professional Leadership
   Gary Moore

Leadership Styles of Current Extension Leaders
Lori L. Moore & Rick D. Rudd

A Philosophical Examination of Experiential Learning Theory for Agricultural Educators
    T. Grady Roberts

Leadership Behaviors Exhibited by FFA Chapter Presidents
    Javonne G. Mullins & William G. Weeks

The Influence of Student Learning Style on Critical Thinking Skill
Brian E. Myers & James E. Dyer

Local Farm Bureau Leadership Needs Assessment: A Qualitative Study
Eric K. Kaufman & Rick D. Rudd

Identifying Content for an Open Courseware Pre-Service Agricultural Education Program Planning Course
    Elizabeth B. Wilson, William G. Camp, & Mark A. Balschweid

Modernizing the Agricultural Education Curriculum: An Analysis of Agricultural Education Teachers’ Attitudes, Knowledge, and Understanding of Biotechnology
    Harry N. Boone, Jr., Stacy A. Gartin, Deborah A. Boone, & Jason E. Hughes

Learning Style and Personality Type Preferences of Community Development Extension Educators
    Gregory A. Davis

A Delphi Study of Teachers’ and Professionals’ Perceptions Regarding the Imact of the No Child Left Behind Legislation on Secondary Agricultural Education Programs
    Michael J. Martin, Jenny A. Fritzsche, & Anna L. Ball

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Volume 47 Number 2 - 2006

A Synthesis of Leadership Development Research in Agricultural Education: 1988-2003
    James J. Connors & Benjamin G. Swan

A Historical Analysis of H. M. Hamlin and the Community School Concept
    Michael J. Martin, Anna L. Ball, & James J. Connors

Teacher Preparation and In-Service Needs of Georgia Agriculture Teachers
    Dennis W. Duncan, John C. Ricketts, Jason B. Peake, & John Uesseler

Exploring Relationships of Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy in Two Student Teaching Programs
     Neil A. Knobloch

Science Achievement of High School Students in Complete Programs of Agriscience Education
    John C. Ricketts, Dennis W. Duncan, & Jason B. Peake

Factors Contributing to Volunteer Administration Leadership Proficiency of Southern Region 4-H County Faculty
    Nicole Stedman & Rick D. Rudd

Career Aspirations of Selected FFA Members
   B. Allen Talbert & Mark A. Balschweid

A Longitudinal Examination of Teaching Efficacy of Agricultural Science Student Teachers
    T. Grady Roberts, Julie F. Harlin, & John C. Ricketts

Challenges Experienced by New Mexico Agricultural Education Teachers in Including Special Needs Students
    Thomas J. Dormody, Brenda S. Seevers, Randall J. Andreasen, & Dawn VanLeeuwen

A Philosophical Framework for Agricultural Education Research
    Larry E. Miller

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Volume 47 Number 3 - 2006

Developing a Model of Cooperating Teacher Effectiveness
    T. Grady Roberts

The Relationship Between Learning Styles, Learning Environments, and Student Success
   Brian M. McCann

Measuring Learning in the Affective Domain Using Reflective Writing About a Virtual International Agriculture Experience
   Barry L. Boyd, Kim E. Dooley, & Summer Felton

Teaching Leadership in Agricultural Science: Behavioral Factors that Influence Secondary Agricultural Science Leadership Instruction
A. Christian Morgan & Rick D. Rudd

A Comparison of Student Teachers’ Perceptions of Important Elements of the Student Teaching Experience Before and After a 12-Week Field Experience
   R. Brent Young & M. Craig Edwards

Comparison of Teacher Efficacy Among Traditionally and Alternatively Certified Agriculture Teachers
    Steven J. Rocca & Shannon G. Washburn

Educational Value of 4-H Competitive Events as Perceived by Parents of 4-H Participants
    Rama B. Radhakrishna

Effects of a Math-Enhanced Curriculum and Instructional Approach on the Mathematics Achievement of Agricultural Power and Technology Students: An Experimental Study
    Brian A. Parr, M. Craig Edwards, & James G. Leising

Challenges of Service-Learning in Tennessee 4-H Youth Development: A Delphi Study
Lori Jean Mantooth & Carrie Ann Fritz

Evaluation of a Livestock Ethics Curriculum for High School Youth
Clinton P. Rusk, Keli M. Brubaker, Mark A. Balschweid, & Edmond A. Pajor

Teacher Attrition Among Women in Secondary Agricultural Education
Kathleen D. Kelsey

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Volume 47 Number 4 - 2006

Content Area Reading Strategies and Textbook Use in Agricultural Education
Travis D. Park & Ed Osborne

A Delphi Study of Agricultural Practitioners’ Opinions: Necessary Experiences for Inclusion in an Undergraduate Sustainable Agricultural Major
Cary J. Trexler, Damian M. Parr, & Navina Khanna

Teacher Efficacy of Novice Teachers in Agricultural Education in Ohio at the End of the School Year
M. Susie Whittington, Elaine McConnell, & Neil A. Knobloch

Agriscience Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Implementation of Content Area Reading Strategies
Travis D. Park & Ed Osborne

Effects of Investigative Laboratory Instruction on Content Knowledge and Science Process Skill Achievement Across Learning Styles
Brian E. Myers & James E. Dyer

Beginning and Mentor Agriculture Teachers’ Perceptions of Psychosocial Assistance, Similarities, and Satisfaction
Scott Burris, Tracy Kitchel, Bradley C. Greiman, & Robert M. Torres

Food Land and People: Content Analysis and Correlation to Arkansas State Standards
David Powell, David M. Agnew, & Mark McJunkin

Impact of an Urban Service Learning Experience on Agricultural Education Students
 Nicole Webster & Tracy Hoover

Creative Thinking and Learning Styles in Undergraduate Agriculture Students
 Curtis R. Friedel & Rick D. Rudd

The Influence of Student Learning Experience Level and Learning Style on Achievement
 T. Grady Roberts

A Case Study of Women’s Experiences in a Preservice Teacher Preparation Program
  Kathleen D. Kelsey

The Influence of Personality Type on the Extent Cooperating Teachers Provide Psychosocial Assistance to Student Teachers
 Tracy Kitchel & Robert M. Torres

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